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What is Global Call?
GlobalCall is a calling card that gives you the freedom of calling from Iceland to other countries at incredibly low rates.

What is Pinless Dialing?
GlobalCall''s unique pinless dialing allows you to skip entering the pin number each time you make a call. To use pinless dialing simply:
- Go to or call us at 578-2280
- Register your pin and the phone number you will use (can be more than one phone number)
Now you don''t have to use your pin number at all.

Can I Use GlobalCall Anywhere In Iceland?
Yes. You can call from any landline and any mobile phone. The price to each country is still the same but please beware that you will still have to pay your phone company for the local call (for calling 578-1180).

Why Do I Get Fewer Minutes Using The Toll-Free Number?
When you call toll-free, the charges for the local call (for calling 578-1180) are added to the minute rates of each country. That means each minute is more expensive and you get fewer minutes. We highly recommend that you call 578-1180 rather than our toll-free number whenever possible. When you have to use our toll-free number (e.g. using a phone booth or in a hotel room) you can feel comfortable knowing you are still saving money :)

Can I Use GlobalCall Outside Of Iceland?
Yes you can. Apart from Iceland, we have access numbers in the five countries listed below. So when in these countries, simply call into the access number, enter the pin number and dial the number you wish to call. Please note that to avoid roaming charges by your telephone company, you should always try to use a local phone.

USAUSA: 1-845-666-1069
DenmarkDenmark: 69 91 87 69
SpainSpain: 966-260-716
UkUnited Kingdom: 015-06674734

Does It Matter What Time Of Day I Call?
No, you will always get the same low price and the same superior quality.

For How Long Is My GlobalCall Card Valid?
If you have not used it, it is valid forever*. After first use, it is valid for twelve (12) months.

* Forever is a long time. But if you pass your card onto future generations, we hope they will be as happy with our service as you are.

My Card Has An 8 Digit PIN Number But Others Have 16!
This is done to make it easier for you to use. Using 16 numbers is simply not necessary and only complicates the dialing process.

How Can GlobalCall Offer Such Good Prices?
By using the latest VoIP (Voice over IP) technology and through contracts with some of the world''s leading operators, we are able to offer superior quality at amazing prices.

Does it matter what kind of phone I call from?
We don’t care what kind of phone you call from. You always get the same amount of minutes, wheather you call from a mobile phone or your home phone. However, since you are calling 578-1180 (our access number) you will have to pay your service provider for that phone call. How much they charge really depends on your service provider but it’s never more than just a local call.

Can I call straight from my contact list?
You can from most mobile phones but it is less likely from your home phone. First you must activate the pinless dialing feature (see above), after which you add 578-1180 and a “pause” function in front of your contact. Since the “pause” function varies between types of phones, just send us and e-mail or call us for guidance. After you’ve done this, we guarantee life will be a littlebit easier :)

Who owns GlobalCall?
GlobalCall is an Icelandic phone company, wholly owned by its employees and in no way linked to any of the telcos. The company is debt-free and although we run our own state-of-the-art systems to ensure the highest quality possible, we operate with as little overhead as possible to ensure we can provice low-cost, high-quality phone calls.

I''m Having Trouble With My Call. What Could Be Wrong?
Check the following things:
Did you enter the right PIN number?
Did you enter the right phone number?
Are you calling a mobile phone in a region with a poor network coverage?
Are you calling from a mobile phone in a rural area?

If you don''t understand why you are having a problem, email us at

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