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 CountryISK/min500 ISK1000 ISK2000 ISK
AustraliaAustralia3.13 ISK159 mins319 mins638 mins
AustriaAustria4.35 ISK114 mins229 mins459 mins
BelgiumBelgium4.55 ISK109 mins219 mins439 mins
BrazilBrazil6.45 ISK77 mins155 mins310 mins
CanadaCanada3.13 ISK159 mins319 mins638 mins
ChinaChina4.8 ISK104 mins208 mins416 mins
Czech RepublicCzech Republic9.09 ISK55 mins110 mins220 mins
DenmarkDenmark3.13 ISK159 mins319 mins638 mins
FinlandFinland6.06 ISK82 mins165 mins330 mins
FranceFrance3.7 ISK135 mins270 mins540 mins
GermanyGermany3.13 ISK159 mins319 mins638 mins
GreeceGreece12.5 ISK40 mins80 mins160 mins
NetherlandsNetherlands3.7 ISK135 mins270 mins540 mins
Hong KongHong Kong5.26 ISK95 mins190 mins380 mins
IrelandIreland3.7 ISK135 mins270 mins540 mins
ItalyItaly3.7 ISK135 mins270 mins540 mins
LithuaniaLithuania11.76 ISK42 mins85 mins170 mins
LuxembourgLuxembourg5.26 ISK95 mins190 mins380 mins
NorwayNorway3.7 ISK135 mins270 mins540 mins
JapanJapan5.26 ISK95 mins190 mins380 mins
PhilippinesPhilippines22.22 ISK22 mins45 mins90 mins
PolandPoland3.13 ISK159 mins319 mins638 mins
PortugalPortugal4.55 ISK109 mins219 mins439 mins
Russia (Moscow)Russia (Moscow)4.35 ISK114 mins229 mins459 mins
SpainSpain3.23 ISK154 mins309 mins619 mins
South AfricaSouth Africa11.76 ISK42 mins85 mins170 mins
ThailandThailand4.55 ISK109 mins219 mins439 mins
TurkeyTurkey25 ISK20 mins40 mins80 mins
UKUK3.13 ISK159 mins319 mins638 mins
USAUSA3.13 ISK159 mins319 mins638 mins

Prices above are to landline phones, except China and USA.

For a complete list see: local number (578-1180) or toll free number (800-1180)

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