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It's easy to purchase GlobalCall credits online. All you need is a credit card and you can get cheap minutes abroad without stepping out of your home. All transactions are processed with Valitor secure payment system which ensures the safest transactions available.

We offer two options: Buy a new calling card or refill an old card. If you have never bought a GlocalCall calling card you need to buy a new one online. However, if you are a returning customer, we recommend that you refill your card. This way, you will never have to lose any spare minutes.

Please Note: GlobalCall calling cards cannot be used with jail phones.

Buy a new GlobalCall card

You can buy three amounts of credit when you're buying a new card online:

Up to 160 minutes

Buy 500 ISK calling credit

Up to 320 minutes

Buy 1000 ISK calling credit

Up to 640 minutes

Buy 2000 ISK calling credit

Refill a GlobalCall card

Please enter the PIN number of your existing card to refill it:

Your PIN:


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